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  • Works well on textured surfaces: Suitable for level adjustment and for uneven and porous surfaces such as cardboard, etc.
  • In the two-colored suction cup the bellows and the sealing lip are of different hardnesses, which makes the suction cup strong and stable and, at the same time, soft and flexible.
  • DURAFLEX® suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane.
  • The material DURAFLEX® is mark free.
Part Details


Curve radius 5.5 mm
Movement, vertical max. 5.5 mm
Application Mark Free, Plastic injection molded parts, Dry sheet metal, Corrugated / cardboard
Fitting size M5
Fitting style Male
Fitting type M-thread
Fitting option None
Material Polyurethane (PU30), Polyurethane (PU60)
Suction cup model BX-P
Suction cup shape Multibellows
Volume 0.92 cm3
Weight 1.15 g


Polyurethane (PU30)Polyurethane (PU60)
Color YellowGreen transparent
Hardness 30 °Shore A60 °Shore A
Temperature 10 – 50 °C 10 – 50 °C

Material resistance

Polyurethane (PU30)Polyurethane (PU60)
Concentrated acids++
Wear resistance++++++
Weather and ozone++++++
  • +++ Recommended
  • ++ Good, minor chemical attack
  • + Limited, moderate chemical attack, limited service
  • - Not recommended

Performance — lifting forces

Vertical lifting force
20 -kPa 3 N
60 -kPa 5 N
90 -kPa 6 N
Chart / Diagram
Polyurethane (DDP) Cup Material w/ Adapters
Cup (w/ Adapter)ABWeight (g)Replacement CupWeight (g)
VC 3-10-DDP510M53VCN 3-10-DDP1
VC 3-15-DDP515M54VCN 3-15-DDP1
VC 3-20-DDP820G 1/8"4VCN 3-20-DDP2
VC 3-25-DDP825G 1/8"6VCN 3-25-DDP3
VC 3-35-DDP435G 1/4"15VCN 3-35-DDP8
VC 3-52-DDP452G 1/4"34VCN 3-52-DDP24
VC 3-75-DDP375G 3/8"82~~
VC 3-110-DDP3110G 3/8"252VCN 3-110-DDP225

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VCN 3-15-DDP 2.5 Bellows Vacuum Cup (cup only)

  • Product Code: VCN 3-15-DDP
  • SAS Part#: E12031530
  • Piab Part#: 0118505 - BX15P Polyurethane 30/60 BX15P.4K
  • Piab Item#: 118505
  • Availability: In Stock

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Works well on textured surfaces: Suitable for level adjustment and for uneven and porous surfaces s..

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